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Quintero Productions is a team of music and video professionals led by Carlos Quintero, world-renown music producer, engineer, beat maker, composer, and director. With over 27 years of experience both in the US and internationally, Quintero has successfully managed the launch of countless international artists, refining their unique conceptual roots to produce multi-platinum albums.

Quintero utilizes an on-demand Portable Production & Coaching System to develop new artists or those who desire to adopt a new stylistic approach for a required market, such as Club, Techno, R&B, Indie Pop, World Music and the film industry, in addition to directing music videos and documentaries.

Quintero began his career as a multi-instrumentalist and programmer in the Latin market, later branching out to World Music and the Euro-Lounge Techno market. Managing singer Maria Isabel from pre-fame to her status as an international, multiplatinum artist exposed Quintero to the Television industry, expanding his influential expertise to artists across Japan, Norway, France, Sweden, and Spain.

From 2000 to 2009, he became established as a reputable producer-songwriter, coach, and manager, leading the indie publishing sector with one of the top-selling catalogs in Spain. As a founder of Jamm Records and Xignatur Music Entertainment, Quintero developed the careers of independent artists like D' Nash and Sonny Monreal, and directed and produced Grammy award winners Nauta, Ulises Hadjis, and Carlos Baute, amongst others.

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